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Culture is an important dimension in the teaching of a foreign language. Culture cannot be dissociated from language. We cannot talk about a language without its sociocultural context, regarding with general and specific skills that students have to improve in order to make the learning process complete and effective.


The teaching targets of this course are detailed as follows:

  To think about the importance of teaching Spanish as Second Language (ELE) that involves the development of sociolinguistic, pragmatic and intercultural skills.

To engage with sociocultural environments those determine behaviour and communication in language skills.

To identify and analyse several cultural events and Spanish speakers’ lifestyle, in order to assess their impact on the language.

To identify main cultural sources that represent Spanish culture in all different areas: literature, history… and to use them when learning Spanish.


  • CL. 1 Sociolinguistics, pragmatic and cultural skills.

  • CL 2. Pragmatics and sociocultural environments.

  • CL 3. Spanish’s culture: civilisation and traditions.

  • CL 4. Culture: art, literature, history and films.


Students undertaking this course will be given a Certificate of Achivement, issued by Alcalingua together with the University of Acalá.


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