Training courses for teachers


Destrezas orales y escritas course provides several knowledge, skills, technics and resources in order to develop oral and written skills. We suggest several self-analysis and reflection activities of the cognitive and socio-affective process involved in skills, abilities required by level and skills, materials, approaches and teaching tasks. Moreover, we encourage brainstorming which is aimed at contributing to improve the acquired knowledge and skills and to develop a meaningful learning.


The teaching targets of this course are detailed as follows:

   To think about the several processes involved in different languages activities. 

 To analyse several teaching oral and written skills approaches.

 To familiarize with materials and sources are available for teaching the abovementioned skills.

  To develop abilities, in order to teach oral and written skills.

 To design, elaborate and assess the effectiveness of learning skills activities and tasks.


  • DOYE 1. Listening and audio-visual comprehension.

  • DOYE 2. Oral expression and interaction.

  • DOYE 3. Reading comprenhension.

  • DOYE 4. Oral expression and interaction.


Students undertaking this course will be given a Certificate of Achievement, issued by Alcalingua together with the University of Alcalá.


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