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Assessment for foreign languages programs should be conducted regarding with several parts including as students, materials, teaches, academic program and the whole system.

Due to the different nature of the several parts including in such complex process: How can we specify the target of the assessment? What results can we expect? What’s the possible impact? How can we choose the most appropriated assessment method?


The target of this course is for the future teacher of foreign language or future ELE teachers, to familiarize with the main concepts regarding with the assessment and to acquire methods and knowledge to face the challenge of assessment. 

Analyse why, for what and how assess. 

Use several assessment methods as well as identify the kind of information included. 

To think about what are the implication and consequences.


  • EV 1. Concept, kinds and characteristics.

  • EV 2. Assessment of skills: comprehension.

  • EV 3. Assessment of skills: expression and interaction.

  • EV 4. Alternative assessment.


Students undertaking this course will be given a Certificate of Achievement, issued by Alcalingua together with the University of Alcalá.


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