Sueña is a complete Spanish course aimed at young and adult learners. Its integrated approach to teaching communicative and grammatical skills ensures student acquisition of the four language skills. It employs a notional-functional approach to teach students how to interact in any communicative situation that they encounter. 

Curso Intensivo

Intensivo is an intensive Spanish course designed for students who want to learn or improve their Spanish quickly, or who can only attend two or three hours of class a week. Each level of Intensivo contains all the material necessary for courses lasting a total of 40-60 hours.


Encuentros is a course book aimed at teaching Spanish as a second language, designed specifically for immigrants. Its goal is to bring people and cultures together, based on the belief that the coexistence and cultural development of different nationalities is only possible through such an encounter.

Spanish for specific purposes course

Ciencias de la salud

Ciencias de la Salud is an innovative course book that aims to meet the needs of students who have already mastered basic Spanish and now wish to further their command of Spanish in this specific professional field.


Negocios is an innovative course book that aims to meet the needs of students who want to improve their Spanish and at the same time, acquire a command of Spanish for business.

Español jurídico

Español jurídico helps students to improve their general command of Spanish whilst also meeting the communicative needs specific to this professional field. It therefore combines language for specific purposes with more general aspects, enabling students to attain an advanced level of Spanish.

Español del Turismo

Español del turismo not only allows students to improve the development of Spanish linguistic competence but also meets the communication requirements of this professional field.