Aprende la lengua

usándola en

situaciones reales

de comunicación




en el


Tú eres




Enfoque orientado a la acción

Tareas que desarrollan tu capacidad comunicativa en situaciones reales

Communicative approach

  • Our target is tranning your skills in order to be able to communicate (verbal and writing) with native speakers. 

  • We provide you several sources (texts, sound recordings, videos and original materials) and some activities and tasks that reflect the real world.

  • We teach inductive grammar, as well as explanations and worksheets to enhance your knowledge.

  • Under the guidance of a teacher the learning process is easier: teachers shall provide you strategies, tools and feedback to allow you to advance, track, and manage their learning.

Task-based language learning

We provide a learning program which focuses on tasks that involve the active use of the language. The aim of such tasks is to promote the improvement of Spanish skills throughtout a language interaction by competent performers in normal life.

We provide some tasks that will allow you to learn Spanish by practice, keep an eye on linguistic form.

Tasks are grouped in a logical way: firslty, we complete some tasks in order to improve the necessary skills to complete suscessfully a final task or a real situation.

Action-oriented approach

Obiously, students of a foreign language should complete some tasks in specific circumstances, environment and field of work.

Therefore, we provide some tasks to improve your communication skills in order to produce specific oral and written texts, at the same time that appropriate strategies are being developed.

We aim to complete effiently all taks in achieving expected results.