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1. Choose the course which meets your requirements

  • Learning Spanish

  • Teaching Spanish

2. Please, send us the application form

3. Payment procedure

You should make a bank transfer at the following account:

  • Bank: Santander Central Hispano
  • Beneficiary: Alcalingua – Universidad de Alcalá, SRL
  • International Bank Account Number: ES77/0049/6692/81/2216306751

4. Please, send us your payment order

Send the copy of the payment order by email to We receive emails from and reply to them as well as a guidance to undertake placement tests within 48 hours.


5. Check your Spanish level

If you are enrolled in a course for learning Spanish you should undertake a Placement Test. As soon as we receive the payment order, we will send you an e-mail with instructions. Once we assess your Spanish level, we will get in touch with you to communicate your grade. We will assess you and recommend the most appropriate course.

If you already have your user and password…

Check your Spanish level!